Notes on Funding & Sustainability

Creative aging is generating interest, funding and research across sectors. Support is growing at the local, state, and federal levels — from health organizations, businesses, private foundations, city governments, arts, and aging organizations.

Many state arts agencies fund non-arts organizations as long as they are offering arts programs. Senior service organizations, public libraries and community organizations are all potential grantees.

In some program models, a host organization will charge registration fees or material fees to offset costs.

Two women are dancing in time to the instructor's count. The instructor, a man, is facing the dance students, and demonstrating the dance step.
Scene from a SU-CASA tango program at the Sunset Park Neighborhood Senior Center in Brooklyn. Credit: Julia Xanthos Liddy for the NY Community Trust.

Sustainability Tips:

  • Document classes through photos, videos, and testimonials
  • Share the stories of participants with your community via newsletters, social media, and local media
  • Invite your board members to drop-in on classes and attend the culminating event
  • Invite potential community partners such as local businesses and cultural organizations to attend the culminating event
  • Inform your city council member, state assembly member, and state senator about the impact of your program
  • Credit all funders and supporters on all your promotional and classroom materials